Babatunde | Baba’s Proteges | Time Line

Olatunji Arts Center-Ajido, Nigeria
The purpose underlying the “Spirit of Musical Africa Project” is rooted in
Prince Ayo’s promise to Babatunde Olatunji-to invest a portion of the dividends
realized from this project to help fulfill Baba’s goal of world peace and unity
through the universal medium of music. In keeping with this promise, MansMark
Africa has earmarked one-third of its net profits from the album to help realize
one of Baba’s life-long dreams: the establishment of the Olatunji African Cultural
Institute in his hometown of Ajido, Nigeria, a full-fledge school teaching African
drumming, dance, music and culture. MansMark Africa will be working directly
with agencies such as Nigeria’s Ministries of Culture and Education, as well
as various international charitable groups, in helping to establish the Olatunji
African Cultural Institute.