Prince Ayo | Peace Activist | Music Business Education
About Ayo's Music
Ayo started his music career as a mobile DJ and event promoter in Lagos, Nigeria.
His first album, “Love Candidate,” was released on his label MansMark Records in
1983 at the height of the Second Republic in Nigeria. The album voiced his intention
to run for office as the Love Candidate (a political statement) and received extensive
airplay on the radio and television. Ayo released his second album, “Party Zone,”
in 1991 and was distributed by Polygram-Nigeria. His most recent album, “Put On
A Smiling Face,” was released in 1996. Prince Ayo a peace activist writes and
produces “Afro-Soul,” a hybrid music style that blends traditional African dance
songs and Nigerian juju tunes with the American and Caribbean sounds of pop,
funk, blues, soul, reggae, and calypso.

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