Prince Ayo | His Music | Peace Activist

Music Business Education
A specialist in world music, Prince Ayo’s independent world music label has thrived for the past ten years in the U.S.
Prince Ayo has been able to successfully engage some of the largest world music stars on his projects including
Youssou N’Dour and Angelique Kidjo. A combination of perseverance, tenacity and commitment to compassion has
lead Prince Ayo to be a conscious and competitive force in the World Music industry. Beyond working to generate
profits, Prince Ayo’s label, MansMark Africa works to capture indigenous voices that would otherwise be neglected,
while at the same time supporting community development in Nigeria through philanthropic initiatives. Realizing that his
unique combination of vision and heart could be a source of inspiration for others, Prince Ayo is sharing his experience,
strength and knowledge to the public and the music industry as a lecturer.

Lecture Topics Include:
• Sustainability of small independent labels: Techniques for effective marketing
• World Music & Africa: Past, Present and The future
• World Music: Honoring the voice of the indigenous-supporting grassroots community development

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